Thursday, January 13, 2011

Not So Fresh-Meat

So it's been awhile since I've updated, mainly because I want everyone reading this to understand the difference one month makes.

My last blog update was in November, my first month of actually skating. So that month was a bunch of little accomplishments (t-stops, plow-stops, falling small..) while I still haven't mastered any of these skills I still know how to STOP at least. December was assessments, AH! I was so nervous, every time they'd call my name I'd fall, so I could only imagine what they were writing down. My first assessment went great, I couldn't believe the weight that lifted off my shoulders that night. Phase II was kind of rough night for me, my head wasn't really there, and while I didn't FAIL it still put me a bad mood. 3RRD head coach, Carnage, said it best, I should get pissed off and frustrated with myself but then I should step back and apply that energy into getting better. Roller derby is going to be A LOT of plateauing, but all I need to understand is that if I keep pushing myself I'm going to reach that next level and there is no going back.

But if you can understand October-November.. couldn't even stand up on skates, walking around and not digging with my crossovers. December - Passing assessments and really getting involved with every practice.

Now present time, it's January and I feel like a new person! I stepped on my skates a week and a half ago at practice, and I could feel it. I no longer was begging myself to please stay up don't fall infront of everyone. I was just standing up, leaning into turns, not slipping all over our "lovely????" sport court floor. Last Wednesday, I finally starting hitting people in scrimmages, while I haven't had my "shit, I just laid that bitch out" moment yet. I sure have the.. "wait did she just hit me... and I stayed up???!?!" moment. I have learned that while girls that came in after me and are kicking ass, skating comes natural to them they might have even skated as a kid. And my improvement is going to be steady, I'm not going to be the best jammer next month but who knows I might actually start knocking people down. I'm just happy to be apart of such a great team!

Last night was sort of a downer, but it's alright! I just need to focus the frustration into skating harder and faster. Our endurance timed laps have been the pain in my ass, it's 25 laps in 5 minutes and 5 laps in 1. While this is standard fresh meat procedure, it's also supposed to be after 90 days of skating with a league. I took this before in December and I'm proud to say.. while I shaved off 13 seconds off my original 5 minutes, I only shaved off one second on the one minute... 1:03.. really? So it's just frustrating. But, I'm going to get it. They have the girls registered for the scrimmage and I'm not one of them :/ but it's bittersweet because I'm SOOOOO proud of the girls who are! Our scrimmage is on January 23rd, in Hanover, PA. Can't wait!!

I'm hoping to be rostered for our first bout against the Salisbury roller girls on March 26th! Here's to another successful derbylife-changing month!!

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