Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So you've decided to join a roller derby league, hell yeah! Good for you, now before you go out buying fishnets and dancing infront of your mirror to Joan Jett's Bad Reputation.. let's rewind back to that whole ROLLER DERBY part. You're about to join a FULL CONTACT sport. So if you'd like to keep those cute legs from breaking and bruising after your first week.. lets discuss gear.

All your money is going to be put into your pads and skates. There is no 'perfect' pads or 'perfect' skates it's all about you.

I own:
Triple 8 Wristsavers
187 Killer Elbow Pads
Smith Scabs (Leopard Print)
Triple 8 Sweatsaver Helmet
Shock Doctor Mouthguard
Riedell Cararra's
Atom Poison Wheels

Now so far it has taken me a few times to get this beautiful line up, and some wasted money. So choose wisely. Talk to a roller derby girl before going out and spending money. Remember knees are important in derby, you're constantly falling on them. Most drills are just you falling on them, so seriously spend the $50-60 on a nice pair.

Wrist guards- Make sure they fit correctly before purchasing, they should be snug but not hurting any part of your wrist bone. It should cover your ENTIRE wrist not just the center. And for the love of all things holy please make sure you're wearing it right. Wearing the hard part on the back of your hand is just going to catch your broken wrist and probably make it more painful.

Elbow pads- Once again, snug but not cutting off your circulation. I've had both slip on and just the velcro ones. The velcro ones will slide all around so it's best to get the ones that slid on in my opinion.

Knee pads- PLEASE don't be cheap when it comes to your knees. They deserve the best AKA Smith Scabs, 187's or Protec. There are other random good ones but it's best to follow what the majority of skaters have. You should feel like you're falling on pillows and not like your knees are hitting concrete.

Mouthguards- Mostly all are boil-n-bite unless you can go to your orthodontist and have them cast one for you. Which is pretty awesome but too expensive for me, even though I'd love to keep all my teeth. Shock Doctor has been good to me so far.

WHEELS i know nothing about wheels but I do however know that my Atom Poisons have made me move completely different and smoother since I switched from my stock wheels. But really does it get any worse than stock wheels??



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