Sunday, March 27, 2011


So, it happened. Our first bout, to be honest I thought I'd be shaking about to throw up everywhere but instead I was happy. We did this together. It was the most amazing feeling, we were finally in front of a HUGE crowd I think it was like 350-400 people and we put up an awesome fight.

My first scrimmage was at the end of February against Salisbury, and we got our butts whooped. We've never skated in packs that fast, and they really had that against us. We all left hurting and ready for our bout in March against them. We were killing practices, skating as a TEAM not as individuals. I really think Carnage and Abe really didn't want us to lose again so they pushed us to our limits and we owe everything to their coaching styles.

Last night it really happened, we were all in the best of moods. From the first jam I knew that this was ours, it was our house. We had it in the bag. Dinah Mo Humm jammed first and to watch the other girls get used to our floor reminded us of how hard we've all pushed ourselves to skate on such a slippery floor. The second jammer and our blockers were on point. I couldn't believe how we were playing. Holding the inside line, hitting HARD positional blocking when not even a month ago could we hold their jammer back without getting jacked up. We were on the dot and it really showed. I was the third jammer and I actually scored points, weeeee. I didn't jam a whole lot that night and it's honestly alright with me because I'm working on my lateral blocking at the moment and sitting on blockers is my new favorite. By the 5th or 6th jam Dinah one of our star jammers got really hurt, we're waiting to hear back but it's most likely a torn ACL. She couldn't skate the rest of the bout but we all love her and were skating for her!

By half time we were down 20 points. WHAT?! seriously, amazing. We rested up and got right back on the track this time out for blood. We were down two jammers because Little Red Riot Hood hurt her ankle and it was best if she blocked. All night Goodie, Bot, Dixon, Freckles, and Colleen were sitting on people not letting them control the pack which seriously they are so good at. We slowed their jammer down A LOT. Green Harlot was kicking ass! Power Jam here, 10-15 there, just messing everyone up and getting our score up FAST. One of Salisbury's most used jammers was ejected and it was neck and neck by the end it was any team's game.

We gave the kinda of bout that people pay to see. We lost by 13 points, THIRTEEN. We lost by 110 last month, that's fucking amazing. We're an amazing team only getting better. We love each other and we do everything to make things like last night possible. I have the best roller derby team ever, and I can't wait to see how awesome this season is for us.

Three River's Roller Derby<3Salisbury Roller Girls!

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